Magus Games originated from the love for Magic, the Gathering. What started with the question amongst friends whether it was possible to play Magic in tournament form again in the south of the Netherlands, grew into a hobby that got out of hand and Magus Games was "born".

We have been active for a number of years now and our gaming club is still growing. Amongst our members, there was the wish for us to sell accessories and games other than Magic, the Gathering. For example, we added a small-scale (online) games specialty store.

Who is the team behind Magus Games? We are Maickel Gulikers and Marjanne Gulikers-Leinders. In addition to our daily activities, we run the gaming club and the games specialty store. In the summer of 2019 we expanded our range with the games from HABA. In this way we hope to get parents with (young) children enthusiastic about playing a board game with their children. After all, in the hustle and bustle of every day, it is very important to relax together and the children to learn something from it too! What more can you wish for as parents?

We wish you a warm welcome at Magus Games and we hope that we can see you soon in our shop or at one of our events.