Magic November releases

From the Vault: Transform

When they were introduced in Innistrad, transforming cards added a layer of intrigue and mystery to the lore and the gameplay of Magic. Over the years, these cards have come to represent an array of powerful changes on the battlefield. In celebration of this versatile mechanic, we have assembled 15 of our favorite transforming cards in From the Vault: Transform.

Prijs: € 35 (leden € 31,50); Release: 24/11/17; Maximaal 1 per persoon


Explorers of Ixalan

Explorers of Ixalan is an out-of-the-box multiplayer Magic set, that challenges you to defeat your opponents along the way as you search for the lost city of Orazca. It combines board game elements with regular play. This set contains 4 sixty card preconstructed theme decks (all reprints), 4 deck boxes, 10 double-sided tokens, 50 game tiles and 40 counter pieces (depicting the factions). Games take about 40 to 45 minutes and can support 2 to 4 players. Players battle over a board of hexagonal tiles they may claim by paying the amount of mana shown on the back face. Each tile reveals a reward.

Prijs: € 65 (leden € 58,50);  Release: 24/11/17


Iconic Masters

Iconic Masters contains 249 cards and includes randomly inserted premium versions of all cards. Iconic Masters offers players a tour through some of the most powerful cards in Magic history. Featuring new artwork on many cards, the set brings an array of massive Angels, Sphinxes, Demons, Dragons and Hydras alongside some favorite and most memorable spells. Every box of Iconic Masters contains 24 booster packs, including one foil card in every pack

 Prijs: € 240 (leden € 200); Release: 17/11/17

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Magic November releases
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